Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary Babe

It's our Anniversary today! I can't believe it has been 4 years since we got married! Dustin is such a great husband, father, and friend! I think he is the funniest guy around and makes everyone around him laugh! He is a hard worker at everything he does! Now I don't want everyone to get jealous, but not only is he a hard worker at work he is at home to, he cleans the house, vacuums, cleans Presley's room a couple times a night, does his own laundry, and the list could go on and on about him cleaning! I'm so proud of him he just finished his bachelors degree and is going to get started on his masters! Last night we celebrated our anniversary and we went to dinner at Ruth Chris steak house! We had a great time at dinner and it was delicious! Dustin spoiled me like he always does, he got me juicy perfume, new pj's, and a gift card to buckle! I feel bad because this year we said we wouldn't give gifts so Dustin got a big fat KISS! We had a great night together. I love this guy more and more each day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fun with the Girls

Last week Presley and I went to San Francisco with my mom,Paige,Tatum,and Sydney! We had a fun girls trip, we missed Brooke and her girls though! We shopped till we dropped with all the great shops in Union Square. We ate so much food, but no worries we did not pack on the pounds. I think we walked it off the first day we were there. My mom kept saying the hotel is just a couple more blocks, but the blocks in San Fran are all up hill!(killer with a stroller) After that we learned how to get around by using the BART,the trolley cars,cable cars, and taxi's. We went to Chinatown and we found this hole in the wall fortune cookie factory. The kids loved watching them make all the cookies. We went to fisherman's wharf to see a group of sea lions, the kids could have stayed there all day watching them. But once Paige and I saw one of them pooping in the water we were DONE! We had a great time making fun memories with the girls! Thanks mom for letting Presley and I come last minute!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Girl's

I just wanted to give my sister's a Birthday shout out! I hope they have a great day! I just want them to know how much I love them. They are the best sister's ever. I have so many great memories with them. Even know we are almost 5 years apart in age, we have always been best friends. I have a special little bond with both of them! I love you guys! This is the only picture of all of us that I could find.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our Little Smarty

So last night Dustin and I are sitting in Presley's room hanging out with her. We had just put in the Little Einsteins movie for her and she was so excited. Well sure enough she starts repeating the character's lines before they even did it. Dustin and I were laughing so hard. Presley knew every line of this movie and she would laugh when they would laugh, she would get scared when they would get scared and she practically acted the whole movie out for us. We just barely purchased this movie for her a month ago and she has watched it a few times, but sure enough this kid has memorized all the words, instruments, music, and character's lines in this movie. Dustin and I were both pretty impressed because she totally knew what she was doing.