Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Presley's Room

Today I finished off Presley's room. We took down her crib and put up her new toddler bed. After taking down her crib there was a bare spot on her wall. I had know idea what I wanted to put there. I was at my sister Paige's house and she had just made some cute frames with her kid's initials in them. So I totally loved this idea to feel the spot in Presley's room. I think they look perfect there and her room is now complete. Here are a few pictures of Presley's room.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bling Bling

So today I was feeling a little crafty and I made some cute necklaces. I got this cute idea from Paige's sister in law Emily. I was so excited that they turned out so cute! The black one is for me and the pink one is for Presley! Thanks Emily for the cute idea!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Strollers and PJ's

Tonight Presley got some new pj's and decided to sport them for bedtime. Dustin has been pushing her around the house all night in her little stroller at a 100 mph. She is getting a kick out of it and now we are in trouble because that's all she wants to do. We are going to have to get in shape if we are to keep this up.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Barbie Girl

So last week we made a trip to our favorite store Costco. We were there returning our TV that was only 3 months old, the sound on it just stopped working, (Dustin still thinks I am the one who broke it." We ended up getting a better LCD TV and Dustin is happier now with this one. While we were there Presley spotted something that she just had to have, this cute barbie jeep! Let me just tell you she knows how to work her dad! I was thinking she is to young and it will just sit in the backyard. The first night was funny because she was a new driver and kept gassing then stopping, just jerking back and forth. Now she is getting the hang of it and loving it. This week was Dustin's birthday he turned 25. We went out on Friday to a movie and dinner. Dustin's parents kept Presley over night for us. On Sunday we celebrated with his family with a BBQ and then had desert over at my parents. He had a great birthday and his favorite gift was his Xbox 360 live, that he bought for himself! Happy Birthday babe!