Friday, October 29, 2010

Pierce's First Tie

So this past Sunday, we decided to dress Pierce in his first little tie. He looked so handsome and is such a happy baby. We are so blessed to have him and just love him to pieces. He is growing up so fast and we can not believe he is already four months old, the time is just flying by. I need to update our last few months but I just wanted to share his most recent picture. I will be sure to post some new family pics too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pierce Daley Hansen

June 26, 2010
7lbs. 1oz.
19 1/4 long
Birth story to come.......

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pierce Daley Hansen

Our little boy is finally here. He chose to come Saturday June 26th. It was my last day of work! After work I went over to my in-laws to hang out. My girl's were over there for the day so Dustin could clean the house cause I was going to be induced on that Monday. So we were all hanging out swimming and then came in to shower and clean up. My father in law left to go down the street to pick up dinner, in that little time he was gone my water broke and I was starting to have contractions. He got home and my mother in law and I left for the hospital. I feel really bad now how mean I was to her that night. I kept telling her to drive faster and to run a red light and even run over a cat. I have my babies fast so I was very worried we wouldn't make it in time. We got there and Dustin met us there. I got checked in and went straight in to my room, no time to stop in the triage room to get checked since my water broke. My mom, Paige, Tatum and Brooke all made it to the hospital. I was in a lot of pain and I broke down and got the epidural. My plan was to not get one but I got it. They got it all in and I was still in a lot of pain, they kept saying this will be your last contraction just give it a few more minutes. Well I was still feeling stuff but not as bad, the nurse checked me and I was at a ten and ready to push. At that time I was thinking why did I brake down and get the epidural? But, I'm glad that I did cause it helped me calm down. I could still feel a lot of stuff it just took the edge off. The doctor got there and I pushed a few times and next thing I knew my baby boy was here. He is so perfect and all my special people were all surrounding me during this exciting time. I got there to the hospital at 10pm and at 11:30pm he was here. We just love having a boy he is so sweet and I love him so much. My girls are so cute with him. Presley asks to hold him all the time and she is so good with him. Tess is so cute always saying baby and loves to hold him to. Dustin and I feel so blessed to have a new little guy in our family. I can't wait to see what kind of personality he will have. I love you so much Pierce.
7lbs 1oz.
19 1/2inches long

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family pics

We got our family picture's done a week ago. I wanted to get a nice family picture before the baby came since we have never had one with all of us. Well now I know why, Miss Tess didn't want anything to do with family picture's and the word smile is not in her vocabulary. She is our moody child and seems to only like Dustin.... I still think they turned out pretty cute and hopefully someday this kid will learn to smile. Of course Presley was all for smiling and posing and having a good time. I have always thought pregnancy pictures were cheesy but chose to this time since I am thinking this will be mine and Dustin's last child. He got his boy and the girls are good together so I think it is time to call it good! This is me at 34 weeks...Hope you enjoy. Check out my cousin Stacey's blog at

Sunday, May 2, 2010


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Monday, April 5, 2010

Our little Man

We went today and got a 4D ultrasound. It was so fun getting to see his cute face and watch him move all over. I'm suprised that we got such good pictures, cause when we started all we could see was the back of his head. But the ultrasound tech got him to move for us. We are excited to meet this cute little guy at the end of June.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

27 weeks

So here are a few pictures of my belly at 27 weeks!! I have been so bad at taking pictures of my belly this time around!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Girl's Room


So we have been getting ready for baby Hansen at our house. We have been doing a lot of organizing and making space for another kiddo. In the girl's room I've been trying to make room for the girl's to share a room. So here are a few of my project's that I have done to update the room. I had these frames in the room and they just had plain white mats and each frame had pictures of Presley in it. So to update them, I went to the scrapbook store and got a bunch of fun paper and ripped it up and glued it to the mats. Then took some mod podge and put it all over the top to seal down the paper. I put their names on it and got some new ribbon and painted the nobs black.I think they turned out pretty cute and I only spent $15 dollars. I took down Presley's initials and got the girl's new ones to put up in the room. They were just black medal ones so to make them girly I got big rhinestones and flowers to put on them. I got magnets for the backs of the rhinestones and flowers so I can easily change them out. Here are some pictures, but the room is still not done. I will show the entire room once we are finished. Dustin is a neat freak and very picky with furniture and he is going to be ordering dressers for the girls. Once the baby crib is done I will post some pictures of his new room too....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's a BOY!!!

We couldn't be more excited! We went yesterday to find out what we were having. I was so nervous all morning long. Dustin and the girls and I all went to the appointment together. Dustin was joking with the ultrasound tech that because the heart beat was higher, he knew he had another girl on his hands. Sure enough the ultrasound lady said you have never seen one of those before. I was crying and Dustin had a smile from ear to ear. Presley has been telling me and everyone she meets for months that she is having a baby brother. It is amazing that kids just know certain things. I have been trying to warn her that it could be another sister and she would just say No mom its a baby brother! She was so cute during the ultrasound, she leaned over to Dustin and said, "Isn't he beautiful dad". I'm so excited to have my sweet girls and Dustin to help me with our newest addition. I just knew I had to be having a boy, I thought I was sick with the girls, but this little guy has had me so sick since day one. We just can't wait to meet this sweet little guy!! Dustin would love it even more if he could share his Birthday with his son. My due date is a day before his b-day so we shall see. I have come early with the other two, but every pregnancy is different. !!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas this year. We enjoyed many fun Holiday parties and family gatherings. To start off Christmas my mom had all the grand kids over for a sleep over. They ate pizza,roasted marshmallows, built a gingerbread house,received new Christmas PJ's and watched Christmas movies. She is such a fun Grammie. Presley had her first Christmas program at school and did great. As a family we went and saw the temple lights and had a fun family date. We spent Christmas eve with Dustin's family. We had a great sit down dinner and then after opened gifts and played games. Christmas morning was so much fun. This was the first year Presley realized how much fun Christmas is. She woke up around 6:oo am and crawled into bed with us and wanted to watch TV, I was so surprised that she didn't want to open any gifts. An hour went by and then she woke me up saying "Mom I think Santa came get up". She was so happy and very excited that Santa ate his cookies and milk. Christmas afternoon we went over to my sister Brooke's house to hang out with my family. We had a nice and relaxing Christmas this year. Sorry for the picture over load!!