Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Tess

Tess turned 3 years old!! I can't believe she is already that old! She is a sassy sweetheart

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is my little man, his nickname is Bubba!! I can't believe he is almost 10 months! He is just a sweetest baby ever. We love him so much! Just wanted to give an undate!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Love You Tess

At the end of August Tess wasn't doing so well. We just found out that she was anemic and that we needed to get her on iron right away. Well that weekend she had a fever of 104 temp and by Tuesday it was still there. I just knew something was wrong. My mom came over that night to stay with Presley and Pierce and I took her up to the ER, Dustin met us there after work. We checked in and they thought she just had a fever and was dehydrated. So we were waiting to get some fluids into her. The doctor came in and said she needed to do some additional blood work on her too. So they did it all and we waited for the results. The doctor came in and gave us some NEWS no parents ever want to hear. We think she has leukemia and needs a blood transfusions right away. We can't help you at this hospital, but they are waiting for you over at Cardon's Children's Hospital. We waited for the ambulence to get there and transfer her. As we waited the doctor went over some things that they would be doing over there to treat her, and one of them was a bone merow transfer. I sat there in total SHOCK. I was thinking this can't be happening to us and especialy not to my little girl. They got there to pick her up. These two sweet guys got her on the gerny and she threw up all over them. We got her all cleaned up and Dustin went with them and my dad drove me over there. We got her all settled in her room. Dustin stayed with her the first night and I went home to try to get some sleep. I had to get Presley to school and to get my 2 month old some love. I went back up there in the morning to talk to doctors and to see what our plan was. I got there and they were starting her on her first blood transfusion. She looked so puffy and sick. My heart broke for my little girl. Dustin fought for his little girl that morning on the bone merow and convinced the doctors to do every test possible before doing that, So it was the waiting game! The first blood transfusion took 4 hours and after that she was very sleepy. She hadn't slept in 24 hours. The next day they did her blood work her red blood cells went up a little bit and the white blood cells went down a little bit. They were not quite where we wanted them to be but they were going up. She got her 2nd transfusion that afternoon and she had about had enough. She was trying to pull every cord out of her body. Having a 2 year old sit for 3 to 4hours at a time was hard. Still after that one her red and white cells went up and down but not where they should be. We talked to a nutritionist about her milk intake and they advised us to cut her off and start her on pediasure. So after 3 days in the hospital they were letting us go. At the time her blood cells were starting to go up and down, but not where they should be. We left relieved knowing that it was not CANCER!! It was just her iron levels and that she would be on a iron rich diet and have to take liquid iron twice a day and lots of doctor visits to follow. We were so happy that it wasn't lukemia. The first doctors visit was good her numbers were up. Then to see the oncologist, I was so scared to go cause we left the hospital with no real answers so I was affraid he would find something. He told us her numbers were better than great. Now I know that it can be a very serious situation if you don't have iron in your body! I feel so bad that there were signs but she was too little to tell me. We have our little girl back. She is just the happiest thing ever. She plays with the other kids and talks so much more now! I love you so much Tess and would do anything for you. Thank you to all the people who donate blood!!

Cute Kids

My sweet cousin Stacey took these cute pictures of the kids. They turned out so good! I love these pictures cause they really show my girl's personalities. Presley the little model and Tess the serious one who looks at you like "you are so dumb". We did get a few smiles out of her!

Tess turn's 2

Tess Miley Hansen turned 2 on July 26th. We had a little swim party at Dustin's parent's house. She got lot's of fun toy's to play with. She had so much fun blowing out her candle's and hearing everyone to sing to her. I love you so much Tess, You are such a special little girl!

Happy Birthday Babe

So 3 day's after Pierce was born it was time to celebrate Dustin's Birthday! We had a little party at his parent's house!! We had a great day together! You got the best gift ever a SON!!

On our way home

Getting ready to leave the hospital! We had a great time there hanging out watching movies and getting dinner in bed! On our way home to the crazy house!!