Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Baby Girl

Well today is my little girl's birthday. I can't believe that it was three years ago that she was born. She was the best baby and is such an easy going kid. She gave me no trouble when delivering, it took seven hours from the time we got to the hospital to the time she was in my arms. She was a week early and weight 6lbs 9oz. She had a lot of dark hair. She had blue eyes and everyone would always tell me that they would change, but she is one lucky girl with dark hair and blue eyes. She has always been my little buddy and side kick. Her and her daddy have a very special bond. They get to have a daddy daughter day every Saturday. I go to work and they get to hang out and do fun things. I love to come home and see what she will have on and what her hair looks like. Dustin tries very hard to get it right but I think Presley has the final say. I'm so excited that Presley will have a sister and I know she will be the best big sister. We love you so much and I wish you many more happy birthdays to come. Here are some picture of Presley as a baby. I don't have any of her as a newborn on this computer. The other pictures are of her at her birthday party today. We celebrated with Dustin's parents today. We had a nice dinner and a very yummy ice cream cake. Presley had fun opening more presents and then she had to try most of them on. I know there are a lot of pictures, I just didn't know which ones to pick.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My baby is 3

Today we celebrated Presley's Birthday. She doesn't turn three til the 27th, but today was my day off work. We went to the park with all her cousins and friends. It was a beautiful day, I just wish it was not as windy. We had a great time playing, eating,and opening all the fun presents. Thanks everyone for coming to my party. I love you all!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Somebody is Potty-trained

It's official, Presley is in to underwear and going to the bathroom like a big girl. She started doing this on her own which is good because the other day Dustin bought her a playhouse and when he finished putting it together he told her she could not use it until she learned to go to the bathroom in the big people potty. Sure enough 3 times that night she went all by herself. It is funny what a little treat will do for kids. It has been 2 full weeks and she is doing great. We are both happy because she will be 3 this week and with the other baby coming we wont have to buy diapers for a little while.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Little Miss

So this past Saturday Dustin promised Presley she could go to the salon and get her nails done while I was working. Here is a cute picture of her that Dustin took on his phone and sent to me at work. When she was finished, Dustin leaned over to help her out of the chair and Presley looked at him and said,"Dad don't touch my nails, they are wet." Lately she has been saying the funniest things, we were at the store and she was talking in an Englsh accent saying," Good day Tuck," and the other day Dustin finished helping her get dressed and she looked up at him and said, "Thanks Sparky". Here is the picture of her getting her nails done.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope that everyone had a great Easter! We had a wonderful day with both of our families. We went to church with Dustin's parents and then had a lovely lunch at there house. After lunch Presley enjoyed a nice little egg hunt in the backyard. After there we went over to my parents house to finish off our day. We played games, jumped on the tramp, played teather ball, and watched TV. My mom made a great ham dinner that we all enjoyed. It was a great day hanging out with the family. Presley didn't stop all day so she crashed the minute we got in the car. The bottom two pictures are of me posing with my growing belly. That is the 23 week belly taken on Sunday. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.