Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm sorry that you have not heard from me in a while, I have been sick for too long and no I'm not pregnant I just had the flu and a cold! The good news was it was Presley's 2nd birthday on the 27th of April! I can't believe that I have a two year old, man does time fly! We celebrated Presley's birthday on Sunday with Dustin's family. Dustin's parents just put in a swimming pool and re-did the back yard and it looks beautiful! All of Presley's Grandparents,Great Grandparents, and Great aunt Debbie were all at the party. Grammy Darla put on a great party, we BBQ and had great food and tons of it! It was a hot day but not hot enough for us girls to swim but Dustin and Dayton didn't care they just jumped in and had fun playing basketball. I got Presley's cake at Costco and it was very yummy, but the thing could of fed thirty people. Presley got some very cute gifts she got a baby,baby cradle,wagon,trampoline,swimming suits,swim toys,toys,and etc. Yes she is very spoiled and the only grand child and great grand child on Dustin's side of the family! We had a great time and thanks everyone that came with all the fun gifts. We are having another party on Wednesday at the park with all the cousins,aunts,and Grammy Susan on my side of the family. We love to celebrate birthday's all month long so we are trying to do that. A cute side note on Presley's birthday, this last Friday she knew it was her day and it was so cute cause she woke up and said, "happy day" "happy day" it was so adorable! The other pictures are of Dayton and Presley swimming the other day and I thought it was so cute!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today my mom took my sister's and myself to California for the day! We left that morning at 6:30 and got home at 8:00 that night we all had a blast! We had a list of what we were going to do that day so we wouldn't waste any time. Once we got to the Fashion distract we decided to stay there all day. We all found a lot of good deals and we all came home with bags full of great stuff. I would say the deal of the day would have to be shoes. We all found a lot of cute shoes and all of us together bought 28 pairs! We were having so much fun that we didn't stop for lunch we just ate our snacks that we brought with us. Before we got on the plane to come back we all were bad and scarfed down Jack in the box. We all had a ton of fun for the day, although, next time we might need to stay the night and not rush because I'm paying for it now; I'm SICK! I don't know what I got but I lost my voice,light headed,throwing up,bad head aches,etc. Here are some pictures of us on the fun trip!
P.S That top picture is my sisters not sharing there magazine.

Monday, April 9, 2007


Presley loves night time so she can get in her pj's. We have our routine of getting a bath, brushing our teeth, getting lotioned up with a massage(spoiled I know), and then the pj's. We have so many pj's and she loves the night gowns the best. She is so cute I do love night time to because all kids are nice and clean and smell very good. But who doesn't like night time and pj's. Well hope everyone had a great day!

These boots were made for walking

So the other night after work I was at Dustin's parents house picking up Presley. We ate dinner and enjoyed hanging out. Well Ms. Presley loves shoes so much that she eyes them and waits for you to take your shoes off. On this night she found some of grandma's boots. She was trying so hard to walk all over the house in them, it was hilarious. She was a little bit wobbly walking around in them, but she just loves them and knew she looked good in them. She is so cute and I love her so much. I don't know what I would do with out my little buddy.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Well I hope everyone had a great Easter! It was just a beautiful day to be outside. Well we started are day going to church with Dustin's parents and Grandparents. Then went to their house to enjoy a wonderful lunch. Dustin's Grandma Wanda was so sweet to make my favorite carrot cake. The cake was very yummy! Then after lunch and a small nap, we were off to my sister Brooke's house for dinner. It was so nice and set up very cute and she had us dining on her very pretty china. After dinner, we were off to the back yard for the egg hunt. The four older kids had fun collecting all the eggs because the 4 two year olds wanted to go see the goats in the far end of the yard. We then had an egg toss and mom and Kelsey won it, it was pretty close though with Steven and Dustin finishing in second. Sadly I had Rex as my partner and we were the 1st ones out. After finishing up outside, we went back in to have some dessert. It was tough getting the little ones back inside because they were having so much fun outside that they wanted to continue to stay out there. From all of this I do believe we found our new farmers in the family; Landon and Presley. They loved the goats so much they had a hard time coming in. What a fun Easter we had with our families. I hope everyone had a great day with their families too.