Saturday, March 31, 2007

Play Day

So today we went to Annie's house. She was baby-sitting her niece and nephews! So we took them to the park near by. It was just a tad bit cold and windy, so we didn't last to long there. Then we went back to Annie's and ate pizza,wings and,watched movies! We even ate some carrots from there garden! We had a great day playing with all the Schureman kids! Here are some pictures of us today. One more thing we need to give a shout out to Dayton,it is his Birthday today! Dayton is Dustin's younger brother.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dinner Time

Here are some pictures of Presley trying to help me make dinner! What a big helper she is! This little girl loves spaghetti or anything with spaghetti sauce! But what a mess that red sauce makes!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lazy Day

So today is my day off! Presley and I stayed home all day. I did watch my best friends little baby Graycee. So that was are excitement for today! I don't know how you guys do it with more than one kid. I finally got ready for the day at 1pm! That is pretty sad that it took me that long to find some time to put make-up on. Well we did have tons of fun with Graycee she is a cuddle bug. Presley loves to cuddle to so it was hard to have them both on me. Presley was learning that she was a real baby not a doll. I have had a long day of fun with the kids.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The dyson

So today the vacuum broke, talk about a tradgedy in the Hansen house! The thing that sucks is the vacuum is maybe a year old. Now if any of you know Dustin this is not a good thing, because the vaccum is one of his best friends. Lucky for us that we shop at Costco because they are great about returns. This time we upgraded and splurged to get the Dyson. Forget all these cheap wannabe vaccums, we heard the Dyson had it going on and decided to test it out. All I can say is AMAZING! If Dustin could have, he would have taken that thing to bed with him because he was so impressed. I must admit the Dyson is worth the price you pay!

After The Party

Today I didn't have to work! So we stayed home to recover from the crazy party last night! Presley watched movies, Dustin did homework, and I did laundry! So it was a pretty laid back day! Here are some pictures of Presley recovering from the party. She had a great time but stayed up to late so she was very tired!

Birthday Party

Well yesterday was Ms.Sydney's Birthday! She had the party at this fun place called Makutuf Island! The kids had a blast running all around the place. Going down all the fun slides and hiding in the tree house. This place is a great place to have a party or just take the kids for some fun! Then the party continued over at Paige's to have cake, ice cream, and open up presents! Oh and to dance the night away! Here are some pictures of us all at the party. We all had a great time at Sydney's Birthday!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Work Day

Thursday is the start of my work week! Some people would be sad to work on the weekends. But for me its my time to get out of the house and not have the child glued to my hip. Its my time to talk with other adults. But sadly all we end up talking about are all of our cute kids. Then after work I go to my in laws house for a home cooked meal. Presley is always in her pjs and ready for bed.I do get off work at eight, but good thing for the DVR I can still watch my show Grey's Anatomy. It is always a long day but always a good one!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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My new blog

So today was another day at home with the babe! We woke up and went to Sundaye's house Dustin's cousin. Presley loves to go there because she has 3 cute girls. They all love to take care of Presley and play with her. Then we came home so the painter could paint the front door and be done! Well Presley is watching a movie so I thought I would start a blog. I see every ones and think how fun.