Sunday, March 28, 2010

27 weeks

So here are a few pictures of my belly at 27 weeks!! I have been so bad at taking pictures of my belly this time around!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Girl's Room


So we have been getting ready for baby Hansen at our house. We have been doing a lot of organizing and making space for another kiddo. In the girl's room I've been trying to make room for the girl's to share a room. So here are a few of my project's that I have done to update the room. I had these frames in the room and they just had plain white mats and each frame had pictures of Presley in it. So to update them, I went to the scrapbook store and got a bunch of fun paper and ripped it up and glued it to the mats. Then took some mod podge and put it all over the top to seal down the paper. I put their names on it and got some new ribbon and painted the nobs black.I think they turned out pretty cute and I only spent $15 dollars. I took down Presley's initials and got the girl's new ones to put up in the room. They were just black medal ones so to make them girly I got big rhinestones and flowers to put on them. I got magnets for the backs of the rhinestones and flowers so I can easily change them out. Here are some pictures, but the room is still not done. I will show the entire room once we are finished. Dustin is a neat freak and very picky with furniture and he is going to be ordering dressers for the girls. Once the baby crib is done I will post some pictures of his new room too....