Monday, March 16, 2009

Girls Just Want 2 Have Fun

So on Saturday when I got home from work this is what I saw going down the street and up & down the hill by Dustin's parents house. Yes, my little baby looking so grown up. It freaked me out at first thinking she was going to fall out, but she was having a good time. I know the pictures make it look like she didn't like it, but she did. In one of the pics they are about to run me over. Also on Saturday Tess had some BIG mile stones she got her first tooth and she is officially crawling all over the place. Now that she is crawling she is trying to pull herself up on things. So in the last two pictures there is one of her new smile with the new tooth and one of her standing, thinking she is pretty cool. My last post I forgot to put that she is saying mama like crazy, and I think it's making Dustin crazy because he keeps trying to get her to say dadda. I just love these girls so much, they make us laugh all the time!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I wanted to post some updated photos of Tess. She is starting to work on crawling and loves to sit up and play. A funny story about the other day, so I am sitting in the front room and Presley comes in and says, "Mom I have lost my smile" I ask her where here smile has gone to and she says, "I have left it at Paige's house." I started laughing so hard because the girls were over playing at their cousins earlier in the day and Presley did not want to come home. Here are some fun pictures of Tess and the picture of Presley and Tess when they lost their smiles:)